The NeWPOST Transnational mobility tool for postal sector employees
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In the framework of the NeWPOST project, a Transnational “e-mobility monitoring and exchange tool" for postal sector employees has been designed and developed. This tool will facilitate the mobilities across postal institutions for the exchange of employees and apprentices under WBL schemes at regional and transnational levels. 

The scope of mobility tool is: 

  • To improve the interconnectivity among postal employees  
  • To facilitate the exchanges of postal sector employees among the postal institutions 
  • To unify the postal sector, as the postal employees across the EU will have a face to face cooperation 

The e-mobility tool is available here 

You can navigate in the e-mobility tool either as a postal operator or as a potential employee
by following the guidelines you can find here:

pdf (English)

Information on what happens to your personal data when you visit the NeWPOST Mobility tool can be found in our detailed data protection declaration in the document below:

pdf (English)