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Utilizing over 20 years of global business education and coaching expertise, C.A.L.L.M has developed the C.A.L.L.M Corporate Vocational Institute (CVI) which is designed to transform career development education both inside campuses towards corporate transition, and in the workplace.

CVI is the research and development arm of Corpstrat Academy for Learning, Leadership, and Mentoring Limited (C.A.L.L.M.) and Corpstrat Consulting SRL and is funded by these two organisations. It is registered as an Adult and Higher Education provider in Romania, Fujairah, and Australia while its objective is to raise the profile of continuing higher education to making our world better. CVI aims to build Leadership and Coaching communities with character, competence and cheerful enthusiasm, who would be the inspiration the world is looking for. This will be achieved through appointing strategically 4 centers of vocational excellence in target countries, which will all be under guidance from organizations like EVBB, an umbrella organization that guides vocational education in the EU and which CVI is an active member of.

CVI offers a suite of globally accredited vocational continuing education programs in Coaching, Management, Youth Development, Employability, and Leadership, leading to qualifications from ILM, CMI, CCE - BCC, CPD, AQR, and The Inner Game School. As member of the EVBB, we aim at getting these programs endorsed by the organization for their quality and applicability.

The programmes will focus on five core areas of competence:

  1. Creating the bridge course for skilled, and experienced blue-collar workers, from third countries, to adapt to the EU’s requirements and needs.
  2. Developing the leadership and Entrepreneurship skills for today’s youth and digital natives.
  3. Growing the coaching and mentoring capabilities in managers and leaders
  4. Equipping leaders and managers to embed a learning culture within their organizations to get their team members ready for industry 4.0
  5. Creating well trained and skilled workforce, who is agile and mobile to plug workforce demands globally.

In view to these requirements we launched EDUforLIFE, a co-curricular, non-formal, dual education, career transition vocational education program, for students looking at career choices after graduation, and moving into their new jobs. EDUforLIFE is an accredited program by internationally recognized bodies including the CPD, ILM, CMI, and LPI and prepares candidates in the Hospitality, IT, ITES, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Education, Automotive, Retail, and Customer Care industries. Since 2016, it has influenced more than 2400 participants in Europe and is going strong in our newly launched markets of Indian Sub-continent, South-East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

The success of this program is due to the immense contribution given by heads of organizations, in taking the best practices to other interested employees, thus making it a grand movement, on a global scale.

With offices in Europe, Australia, South Africa, and Asia, our global team of 40 facilitators, from 14 nationalities and a combined life experience over 400 years, are much sought after to make the difference to the participants.

CVI offers organizations, business managers and young individuals access to a suite of globally accredited vocational continuing education programs to pursue careers in Coaching, Management and Leadership, Retail, Sales and Customer Service, Banking, Healthcare, High Performance, and Hard Skills. These programs pave a qualification pathway by enabling the participants to achieve EVQ qualifications from ILM (Level 3 and Level 5 UK Qualifications), CMI (Recognized), Board Certified Coach, or ANC (Hard Skills).