Examinations for Certification of the NeWPOST candidates
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Once the learner has successfully completed the NeWPOST training programme either for postmen or for front-office employees, s/he is ready to take the examinations for the recognition and the certification of the skills, knowledge and attitudes s/he has obtained.  

The «NEW AGE» POSTAL SECTOR EMPLOYEES Certificate is unique and owned by PostEurop, the trade association that has been representing European public postal operators since 1993! 

In order for a candidate to participate in the exams, s/he needs to enter the Aristotelis platform (ops.eurocert.gr) and create his/her own personal account. The course completion online certificate (from the MOOC platform) is mandatory so as to participate in the certification procedure. 

The user guide here contains all the necessary steps for user registration and preparation for the exams.

You should find it here:   pdf